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Receiver Camera Mounts

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Sennheiser CA2
  •   for EW Series Camera Mountable Receivers
mfr#: CA2
evs#: CA2
Price:  $20.95
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  • Required for Mounting Wireless Audio Receiver Plates onto Ikegami, Panasonic, Hitachi and Thompson Gold Mounts 
mfr#: 8075-0116
Price:  $34.95
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Anton Bauer JVC-BP
  •  For JVC Camcorders
mfr#: 8375-0032
evs#: 83750032
Price:  $32.00
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Anton Bauer ABWMK-KIT
  •  For Gold Mount Plates
mfr#: 8275-0035
evs#: 82750035
Price:  $72.00
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Anton Bauer ABWMK-SI
  • Attaches to any Gold Mount. 
mfr#: 8275-0015
evs#: 82750015
Price:  $41.00
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Anton Bauer WRB-185
  • For Receivers Similar to Lectrosonics Style # CR-185, CR-187 and UCR-190
mfr#: WRB-185
evs#: WRB185
Price:  $69.95
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Anton Bauer WRB-200
  •  For Lectrosonics Style Receivers: UCR-195, UCR-195D and UCR-200
mfr#: 8275-0034
evs#: 82750034
Price:  $59.00
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Anton Bauer WRB-201
  • Works with ABWMK-KIT
  • Provides Rear or Side Mount
  • Fits a Vartiety of Receivers
mfr#: 8075-0026
evs#: WRB201
Price:  $69.95
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Anton Bauer QR-WRB-25
  • For Insert Style Wireless Receivers with 25-pin Connector
  • Works w/ Sennheiser EK3041-U, Ramsa WX-RM770, TSP WD-900R
mfr#: 8275-0029
evs#: QRWRB25
Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks
Price:  $332.50
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mfr#: O-FS100KIT
evs#: OFS100KIT
Price:  $137.50
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Sennheiser RXBOX
  • Compatible with EK and EW Series. 
mfr#: RXBOX
evs#: RXBOX
Price:  $89.95
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Sennheiser ABWMK
  • Mounts Wireless Receivers to Camcorders. 
mfr#: ABWMK
evs#: ABWMK
Price:  $64.95
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  • Attaches to V-Mount Camcorders
  • Attaches without Screws
  • D-Tap Connector Supplies 50W
  • Adjustable Plate Depth
  • Detachable Rear Panel
mfr#: A-WMR
evs#: AWMR
Price:  $298.00
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13 Item(s)
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