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Kinotehnik LCDVF LCD Viewfinder 16/9 Viewfinder

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  • 220% Magnification.
  • Fits Most 3" LCD Screens.
  • AR Coated.
  • Universal Magnetic Mount.
  • Splash and Dust Proof.
  • 180° Flippable Design.
  • Does Not Block Camera's Ports.
  • Blocks Out Flare, Glare, and Distraction.



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The LCDVF 16/9 Viewfinder helps turn your DSLR into a video camera. Attaching a viewfinder reduces glare and flare, and helps to keep you focused on the scene, without distraction from people or movement in your peripheral vision. Designed for cameras like the GF1, GF2, NEX 5 and NEX 3, among others, the 16/9 Viewfinder magnifies the scene on your camera's 3.0" LCD by 220%. That translates into viewing your video on a 42" screen from almost 5' away.

Other noteworthy features of the 16/9 include its 180° flippable design for viewing with either eye, and a magnetic mounting interface, which makes for easy attachment and removal. The finder's AR coating and optically correct lens provide a clear view. In addition, the viewfinder won't block ports on the camera, allowing for easy access without having to remove the device, and its splash and dust proof design ensures a clear view every time you use the viewfinder.


  • LCD ViewFinder turns your video enabled DSLR LCD screen into a huge electronic viewfinder for precise image evaluation - it's like viewing a 42" screen from 140cm - 4.6'
  • In the heart of the LCDVF is an achromatic lens pair that consist of two optical components vacuum-cemented together to form an achromatic doublet which is computer optimized to correct for on-axis spherical and chromatic aberrations.
  • The LCDVF 16/9 is designed for cameras like the Panasonic GF1/GF2, GH1, LX5, Sony NEX 5 and NEX 3
  • Suitable for most 3" screens.
  • Spontaneously transform your video enabled DSLR into a discreet handheld video camera.
  • Stabilizes camera when shooting video handheld.
  • Aids on the fly focusing.
  • Allows the use of LCD in bright daylight outdoors.
  • Magnification of 220% specially tailored to most 3" LCD screens.
  • AR coated and optically corrected lens with 40mm clear aperture.
  • No diopter correction / still usable from +0.5 to -2
  • Robust and durable: no moving parts.
  • Splash and dust proof.
  • 180 degrees flippable design allows instant left or right eye usage.
  • Universal magnetic mounting interface allows rapid mounting and demounting without any wear and tear.
  • Allows the use of battery and wireless grip and all other original accessories.
  • Flat mounting interface allows easy cleaning of the LCD screen.
  • Soft rubber eyepiece interfaces with Blue Star eye cushions for maximum comfort and safety; acts as a shock absorber when dropped.
  • High power magnification lens provides flawless image quality across the screen; optically corrected, and AR coated.
  • Has a lanyard loop for convenience and safety. 

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Kinotehnik
Name Kinotehnik LCDVF LCD Viewfinder 16/9 Viewfinder

Aperture: 40mm
Magnification: 220%
Construction: Body - ABS, Eyecup - Silicone rubber
Mount: Galvanized and powder coated metal shield
Weight: 3.84oz - 110g 

  • LCD Viewfinder 16/9 Viewfinder.
  • Bluestar Microfiber Eyecushion.



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