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DLC Flo Pod Video Stabilizer

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  • Fluid-Type Motion
  • Automatic Horizontal & Vertical Leveling
  • Drag Control Wheels
  • Dual Handgrips
  • Zoom Lever for a Lens
  • Counterweights
  • Reversible Handlebars for Low Angles
  • Weighs Just 2.1 lb
MFR#: RS-3124

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The RPS Studio FloPod Video Stabilizer from DLC is an innovative stabilizing support for video DSLR cameras. Conceptually the FloPod borrows from stabilizers with 3-axis gimbals, but the form factor is all its own, and optimized for hybrid DSLR cameras that do both stills and HD video. Mounted to a C-bracket, the camera's weight pulls the bracket left & right, resulting in horizontally stable framing even as you walk and tilt the handgrips slightly side to side.

The DLC FloPod stabilizer also allows rotation in the vertical dimension, and thus it eliminates movement that would otherwise result in front-to-back tilt. Three lock wheels serve as drag controls – two for the vertical axis (front-to-back tilt) and one for the horizontal axis (side-to-side shake). These allow you to customize the unit's "play" to accommodate different camera weights & for the degree of fluidity of movement that you want. You can also lock the vertical axis if you'd like to tilt forward and back with the FloPod.

An included zoom ring with a large lever attaches to your lens barrel; this allows you to zoom in and out easily with a single finger while you keep the rest of your hand on a grip. Also included are counterweights that add to the inertia of the camera, for more fluid motion. The result is smoother video capture from a lightweight, affordable stabilizer rig.

  • Camera stays level horizontally and optionally in the tilt (vertical) axis too
  • Comfortable foam handgrips
  • Handgrips can be rotated outward until they go from a 6 o'clock position to a 12 o'clock position for low-angle shots
  • Saw-tooth locks secure the positioning of the handgrips
  • Horizontal position of camera is adjustable
  • Camera plate is adjustable to accommodate different camera weights & lens lengths
  • Yoke has a removable accessory shoe

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand DLC
Name DLC Flo Pod Video Stabilizer

Weight: 2.1 lb (1.0 kg)
With counterweights: 2.6 lb (1.2 kg) 


Dot Line RPS Studio FloPod I Video Stabilizer

  • Zoom Lever
  • Accessory Shoe
  • Counterweights
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


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