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Datavideo PCR-350HD Character Generator Rackmount Computer System

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  • Character Generation.
  • Rackmount Solution.
  • Windows-Based System.
  • System & Subsystem Controls.





The PCR-350HD Character Generator Rackmount Computer System from Datavideo is a complete mobile solution that includes the CG-300 software package preinstalled in a 3U rackmount computer. This turnkey solution allows you to place the computer in your equipment rack to facilitate your live- and post-production work. It is compatible with Datavideo's SE-800DV, SE-900, and SE-1000 switchers, or any system that accepts an SD-SDI or HD-SDI DSK or Key & Fill sources.

The CG-300 software package is a Windows-based system designed for use in live- and post-production environments. It offers a standard set of base functionality plus a number of complementary functions managed by different subsystems. This version also offers advanced functionality, such as banner crawl and snyper functions, which run independently from the character generator software.


  • This version offers advanced functionality, such as banner crawl continuously scrolling text and snyper functions, such as corner graphics, station IDs, and "coming up next" animations.
  • This system offers support for resolutions from 320 x 240 to 1080i HD.
  • It supports both downstream keying /DSK and key & fill.
  • This system uses anti-aliased characters with leading, kerning, and tracking, as well as /2 edge and /3 shadow styles for each character.
  • 32-bit color support /with transparency, is available and color can be selected by adjusting RGB or HLS levels.
  • It allows you to create smooth gradients between any /2 colors in the characters, edges, shadows, and shapes.
  • Character attributes can be drawn with custom textures, such as marble, wood, and grain, and as many as /16 different textures can be used on each page.
  • Up to /32 shapes per page are available and each shape can be set to a solid color, semi-transparent color, a color gradient, or a texture.
  • The shapes can also be edged, colored, sized, italicized, and rotated just like text characters.
  • Up to /16 full-color logos can fine-positioned, overlapped, and sized, just like characters.
  • It supports up to /1000 named layers, allowing text, logos, and shapes to be placed on multiple layers, each independent of the other layers.
  • File formats supported include: BMP, JPG, GIF, PCX, TIF and TGA.
  • A text style gallery allows one-button access to your /64 user-defined text styles.
  • Each page can use up to /25 different Truetype typefaces.
  • Character height, width, angle, and rotation are all customizable and independent from letter to letter.
  • Variable character and edge blurs are independent of one other. 

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Datavideo
Name Datavideo PCR-350HD Character Generator Rackmount Computer System


  • Datavideo PCR-350HD Character Generator Rackmount Computer System.
  • Software.
  • 3U Rackmount Computer.
  • One-Year Parts & Labor Warranty.



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